Class C Misdemeanors

About Class C Misdemeanors

In addition to Class C traffic offenses, the justice court also handles all other class C misdemeanors.

Your Options as the Accused

A defendant accused of a class C misdemeanor violation has the absolute right to plead not guilty and request a trial by judge or jury. That choice is yours. You are not required to have an attorney in court, but you may hire one if you wish. The district attorney’s office will prosecute the case against you. The judge and clerks are prohibited by law from discussing or giving legal advice pertaining to your case with you unless you plead guilty or no contest or the district attorney is also present. Your case may be subject to pre-trial hearing.


If you choose to go to court you are responsible for bringing all papers, pictures, and exhibits with you to the court hearing. You can contact the court for information on how to subpoena witnesses.

Paying Your Fines

  • You may also plead guilty or nolo contendere (no contest) and pay the appropriate fines or pursue the defensive driving option.
  • Drivers under 17 years of age who get tickets are required to appear in court with their parents or legal guardian.

Further Information

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