Ebenefit Directions

Go to www.ebenefits.va.gov, and you will see options to log on or register on the right side of the page. To make an initial account log on, click the box to register and follow the prompts. There are three option pages that can be used to verify access for an eBenefits account: the first is using the DOD common access card, with an accessible card reader; the second is use of an established DFAS mypay account logon; and the third option is to request a DS Logon with the DFAS registration. If neither of the first options is available, the the third will initiate a request for basic account service, and can be accomplished by using the register button underneath the "Basic Registration (Level 1)". There are appropriate options available for use, follow the online prompts for information, and fill in the requested information as necessary.

One the basic account is established the option to upgrade an account to premium account status is now available. Access the eBenefits home page again, and choose the category under "How Can eBenefits Assist Me?" that pertains to you: veteran, active duty or family member, learn more link. From there, under Examples of Benefits for Veterans are three options to get a premium account by the link attached. Click link and proceed through the three options to register again, CAC identification, MyPay account, or DS Logon. Proceed through the appropriated registration method to start the upgrade, noting that during process the option to remote proof verify user will be offered. Remote proofing will ask three pertinent questions from your military record files and offers two chances to answer the questions correctly, before the remote proofing option is permanently locked out. Once authenticity of use is verified, all available features will be unlocked and usable, this may take a few minutes after verification to be available. Some of the following options are presently available for use, under a premium account:
  • Status Check of pending claims and historical data for completed claims
  • DD214 copies
  • Official Military Personnel Records (OMPF)
  • Certificate of Eligibility for VA Home Loans
  • VA Compensation and Pension Award Letters
  • Discharge Verification Letter
  • Veterans Preference Letter
  • Check the time available for Post 9-11 GI Bill
  • Apply for Veterans benefits (please let us assist you with this)
  • Check Appeal Status
  • VA Payment information