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TREASURER' S CERTIFICATE I hereby certify that the foregoing constitutes the Taylor County Treasurer' s Report for the period of: JUNE 30, 2014. This report was prepared for the purposes of comparing and reconciling the actual balances of the county' s cash accounts and investments to its general ledger for the period stated. Market values of all investments were provided by Federal Reserve Bank. ectfully submitt- ?, L a Hart Cr. swhite, County Treasurer ORDER APPROVING TREASURER' S REPORT After comparing and examining the Treasurer' s Report for the period of JUNE 2014, and determining that the report is correct, the court finds that the report should be approved. It is therefore ORDERED that the report is approved. It is FURTHER ORDERED that the amounts received and paid from each fund, and the cash balance remaining in the treasurer's custody, are as indicated in the report itself. APPROVED and EXECUTED this J9 -day of Jay, 2014 DOWNI G A. B LL , JR., TAY 2 ' ' OUNTY JUDGE r' ' r 3'rI Z r`'" L KDRICKCO STONER PRECINCT 2 RANDALL WILLIAMS K COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 1 C41111P5- EGGERc CHARLES STATL'ER STAN COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 4 COMMISSIONER PRECINCT 3 r ATTEST: tiSSIONERS o ? C,4 oma LARRY G : E ILL, COUNTY CLERK S\ Q O,Q C