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Posted on: February 24, 2020

2020 Census

Around mid-March, citizens of Taylor County will be receiving their 2020 Census letter.  It is important that each person living in the household including infants, children, or elders that reside in household over 50% of the time, need to be in the count.   If children reside at two locations, pick one as the primary location for accurate count.   Citizens are encouraged to fill out the simple questionnaire with basic information. Title 13 protects your information with the US Census Bureau.  You have several methods that you can respond:  By Mail, internet, or phone, and as a last resort in person.  Census staff will start home visits in May and continue through July if you do not respond to one of the other methods listed.   If you are a student or immigrant from another state or country and currently reside in Texas during the 2020 census, you will put your current residence at the time.  

Federal funds that are allocated to the states are based on the population within that state. So your response does matter in efforts to get the funding that is needed to help with programs like the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture),  Head Start School Programs, Grants for Juvenile Facilities, Grants for Mental Health Programs, Victim Assistance Program, Child Welfare, Social Services, Food Banks and Emergency Management, just to name a few that Counties, Schools and Facilities rely on to offer assistance and aid to our community.     Your response helps with political representation through reapportioning and redistricting the precincts if needed and helps inform policies and business decisions by providing good and accurate data for good decision making. Texas is the 2nd largest state to receive federal funding, so your response is important in efforts to continue to receive federal funding in the state of Texas and offer programs to aid Texans.   To learn more about the 2020 Census go to .    Make your response count for federal assistance.

Learn more about 2020 Census
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