E-Filing Information

Excerpted from the Supreme Court of Texas Misc. Docket No. 12-9208.

Link to the rules:  HERE

Effective January 1, 2015, the Supreme Court has mandated electronic filing “e-filing” in civil cases including family and probate by attorneys in constitutional and statutory county courts.  This mandate has been supported by official acts of the Texas Legislature.

Attorneys must not file documents through any alternative electronic document filing transmission system including fax filing.  Clerks and Courts must not offer to attorneys in civil cases any alternative electronic document filing. And Courts and Clerks must not accept, file, or docket any document filed by an attorney in a civil case that is not filed in compliance with this order.

Persons who are not represented by an attorney may e-file documents, but e-filing is not required.

The Supreme Court is currently adopting additional rules governing e-filing and e-service in an effort to make e-filing the same in all 254 counties in Texas.  Even so, Mendy Wallace Chief Deputy County Clerk has created a helpful document to guide and assist all who fall under this mandate who are filing in the Taylor County Court and Court at Law. 

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