COVID-19 Information & Resources

3-20-20 Press Release About Courthouse Operations

On March 26th, 2020, Taylor County experienced its first positive case of COVID-19.  Due to this, the Taylor County Commissioners’ Court implemented their Declaration of Local State of Disaster, and declared a Public Health Emergency.

Taylor County Disaster Declaration 3-26-20

Taylor County Declaration of Disaster Extension 3-31-20

Since it began, Taylor County and the City of Abilene have been working to take appropriate measures to limit the spread COVID-19. 

How to help limit the spread?

  • Practice social distancing in public places by avoiding being within 6 feet of other people.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily.
  • Avoid touching your face if at all possible.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow.
  • Stay at home if you are sick, except to get medical care.

If you are sick with COVID-19 or think you might have COVID-19, first contact your medical provider by phone or call the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District at 325-692-5600 for screening and further instruction.  Please do not arrive at a medical facility or hospital without first making contact by phone and receiving instruction.  


Is the Courthouse open?

Effective Monday, March 23rd, the Courthouse, 1915 Courthouse, and Plaza Building will be closed to the public unless you have an appointment or scheduled court hearing.  You may correspond by mail, phone, email or appointment set by that department.  

If you have a scheduled appointment or court hearing, you will be required to take the COVID-19 screening at the entrances of the County buildings before being allowed to enter in efforts to protect you and our County employees. If you are sick, running a fever, or have had contact with someone with COVID-19, you will not be allowed in the building for your appointment with any given Department.

The county has been treating common spaces, doors, stairwell, etc. to minimize the risk of
infection. However, if you are at risk because of a lower immunity to sickness, stay home. 

If your visit to the courthouse can be delayed, wait to come at a later time.

Will there be Jury Duty?

At this time, all jury trials have been cancelled through May 1, 2020.

Will there be trials?

Courts will be delaying jury trials until May 1, 2020 with some exceptions. Call your attorney or the court to confirm the schedule as some courts will have hearings by telephone.

The 326th District Court (Family Court), the Child Protection Court (CPS Court), and Associate Family Court are hearing cases by telephone, and you will need to contact your attorney or court to check for scheduling and procedures.

For information regarding scheduled court hearings for Family and CPS cases, please call 325-674-1325

The Commissioner’s Court will operate as scheduled but are requiring social distancing and have limited seating in the courtroom. Time sensitive hearings will be conducted as scheduled by phone, videoconferencing or by appointment.

What about the Jail and Jail visitations?

The Taylor County Jail, effective immediately, is not open for visitation. No visitors are
allowed. The jail will continue to operate as a detention facility.

It should be stressed that as conditions change, so, too will the instructions to the public as we all work together to address new developments proactively.

We ask for your patience and understanding as we work through this situation.